A music enrichment program as an educational listener's guide to jazz.
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"Musicians were talented, humorous and very engaging… Children were mesmerized…"
"5 Star… Super… The children stayed interested and involved…"
"A 10…awesome, totally involved the students…they danced back to class"
"Instruction, humor, and music all receive superior ratings from me…"
Teachers, Richer Elementary School, Marlborough, MA

"Our students left what felt like a master class filled with appreciation and motivated for further study in jazz. I want to thank each one of you for providing an excellent service to our school. Adventures With Jazz is to be commended for fine work."
Robert Manseau, Triton Regional High School, Byfield, MA


"Your program, Adventures With Jazz, was clearly self-contained and quite easy for the school to sponsor. The musicians were prepared to explain their material regardless of the level of the students' understanding… Each performer was extremely professional and the talent exhibited is unquestionable… Thanks again for an outstanding performance!"
Fred A. Morris, Principal, Henry E. Goldman School, Norwell, MA

"They held a difficult audience in the palm of their hands! Bravo!"
"Excellent interaction - alive and animated group."
"The musicians were very approachable and personable…the type of positive message that sends students a clear impression of the rewards associated with performing or being an active audience member."
"Enjoyed this program very much. The group had the children's interest from start to finish. Wish it could have been longer!"
Various schools during "New Hampshire Music Festival" sponsored tour


"The instrumental pupils who participated in the clinic were impressed that they could improvise easily and especially that they got a chance to do so with the quartet in front of their peers!"
Linda Amundsen, Moody School, Haverhill, MA


"Your program was excellent and held the interest of a very active group of students…Their recall of the conversation between the instruments as well as settling the argument about the donut is amazing."
Elaine Hashem, Music teacher, Belmont Elementary School, Belmont, NH

"The band played its very best and treated us like we were their greatest and most important audience. The skills that they demonstrated in their music were an inspiration to me and many others."
Student, Shore Country Day School, Beverly, MA


"The master class was such a wonderful time for the group of 14 students to learn about improvisation. That is the creative aspect of music that we want to bring out in the students. How to make the music theirs. The four men were excellent teachers, and had a very relaxed rapport with the boys and girls."
Carolyn Sawyer, Buker School, Hamilton, MA


"The questionaires that were returned regarding the visit were all highly enthusiastic. My own first grader came home with stories about how the instruments "talked". Thanks again for a very positive program - to hear the students jamming was fabulous. Look forward to a repeat visit!"
Cindy Wright - Programming, Cole Elementary School, Norwell, MA


"Adventures With Jazz provided a wonderful musical and educational experience for our students at Plymouth Regional High School… During the group's lunch period the members of the quartet hung out with some high school music students. The quartet members were very receptive to the students' questions and comments. Such an informal 'rap' session is sometimes as educational as that actual clinic. Needless to say, the day was a huge success."
Thom Untersee, Plymouth Regional High School, Plymouth, NH


"Thank you for the superb performance. You show a perfect synthesis of substance and style. I will be advocating strongly for a repeat performance next year."
Susan Bishov, Bradford Elementary School, Haverhill, MA


For more information please contact: Adventures with Jazz
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